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Sugarcane noodle box 32oz, box of 450pcs - AT COST CLEARANCE $148 HURRY, ONLY A FEW LEFT.

Sugarcane Noodle Box 32oz, box of 450pcs

Salesprice with discount

Super Special! - was $190.00 per box

Recycled sugarcane paper 32oz noodle box 'I am eco', with starch based PLA coating, box of 450pcs.

Product dimensions: top: 113x93mm, bottom: 88x68mm, height: 112mm

Sugarcane paper is to be considered one of the most eco friendly products because it is the only recycled paper which is approved for direct food contact. All other paper products designed for direct food contact must be made from new virgin wood pulp according to FDA regulations. This product saves trees and resources.

The sugarcane pulp is a leftover from the sugar production. The PLA coating is made from annually renewable corn starch and makes this product fully compostable. It can also be recycled depending on your local waste management provider.

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