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Clear PLA Cornstarch Cups

Cups and containers made from PLA (polylactic acid), derived from cornstarch. classified compostable under commercial composting conditions. Various results under home composting conditions. Heat sensitive, for cold food and drinks only. Use below 48°C.

Prices shown are excluding GST

PLA dome lid with straw hole to suit 400/500/700ml cup, box ...

Price:$ 53.00

PLA 600ml/20oz cold cup, pack of 50pcs

Price:$ 12.60

1oz/30ml PLA portion/tasting cup, pack of 100pcs

Price:$ 4.50
Price:$ 95.00

PLA 140ml round container, pack of 50pcs

Price:$ 5.94

PLA 140ml round container, box of 1000pcs

Price:$ 75.60
Price:$ 8.30

PLA 200ml cup, box of 1000pcs NO LIDS AVAILABLE

Price:$ 56.00
Price:$ 7.80
Price:$ 109.00
Price:$ 17.64
Price:$ 126.00
Price:$ 9.15
Price:$ 141.00

starch based PLA 500ml/16oz cold cup, pack of 100pcs

Price:$ 20.30

starch based PLA 500ml/16oz cold cup, box of 1000pcs

Price:$ 142.00

PLA 600ml/20oz cold cup, box of 1000pcs

Price:$ 178.00
Price:$ 10.70
Price:$ 179.00

PLA wine goblet 185ml, pack of 50pcs

Price:$ 23.80

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Latest News!

Well, we've done our research and we can now say we have the best compostable starch bags on the market.

Starch bags have been around for some time now, but trying to produce a compostable bag that is durable enough to approach the resilience of plastic has been a difficult road. How do you get a bag to not break when you put your stuff in it, but then breaks down as soon as it hits the environment?

We here at Green Pack have stocked starch bags in the past but, have ultimately been unhappy with the performance, they just didn't cut it.

Now, we are at the pointy end of the plastic bag issue where, radical change is imminent. The two biggest grocery retailers in Oz have pledged to get rid of plastic shopping bags within a year and many smaller supermarkets have already done so.

We have now dipped our toe in the water again and we are very impressed with the balance that has been achieved, between resilience and compostability with our compostable bags.

Our bags are made from renewable, third grade(non food) corn starch. They are compostable to the highest standards including the very stringent Australian 'worm' test. They are also the strongest starch bags we have tested by some margin.

If you have any questions about our compostable starch bags, don't hesitate to contact us. If you would like a sample, we would be happy to throw a couple in with your next order to try out.