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Cup Trays

Compostable cup trays

Prices shown are excluding GST

4-cup carry tray recycled cardboard, pack of 50pcs

Sales price with discount:

4-cup carry tray recycled cardboard, box of 300pcs

Sales price with discount:

2-cup carry tray recycled cardboard, pack of 100pcs

Sales price with discount:

2-cup carry tray recycled cardboard, box of 400pcs

Sales price with discount:

Brown recycled cardboard 4-cup tray perforated, box of ...

Sales price with discount:

Green Pack compostable cup carrier trays made from recycled paper, eco friendly
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Here at Green Pack, we have new products arriving constantly. We keep in touch with the latest things that are happening in the green hospitality scene, we talk to our customers and suppliers so we are able to make sure we have what customers want.

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Artists Gillie and Marc have used their talents to assist in the fight to save some of the world's endangered animals.
Being Green need not cost the earth. We here at Green Pack believe that you can run an eco-conscious food business and still not spend an arm and a leg on your packaging.

Is this Australia's most biodegradable coffee cup lid!