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Invisa Bags – Versatile & Simple

Our longstanding range of Invisa bags has been a staple for many customers, and for good reason. The sleek, yet simple design makes them a great fit for any business, matched only by the bag’s great functionality. When it comes to environmentally friendly packaging, make sure not to skip these; so let’s find out more.

The Invisa bag uses a basic but effective principle; semi-translucent paper. This feature is consistent across the whole range of Invisa bags. As a result, it lets customers easily see the contents of the bags. The technology behind this iconic design is nothing new, but it’s been implemented in a functional way here. The appealing transparency & smoothness comes about thanks to a mechanical process called ‘calendaring’. 

An image of 5 different sizes of Invisa Bags

Why Do We Love Invisa Bags?

There are other bags on the market that are coated with a thin layer of plastic to prevent grease and moisture. Unfortunately this stops them from being recycled. This isn’t the case with Invisa bags; the ground cellulose (paper) is naturally greaseproof, and has a premium feel when compared to similar products. Invisa bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable. This makes them a compelling packaging alternative, as you can drastically reduce unnecessary waste.

Invisa Bags have a wide range of versatile uses. Some of them include:

  • Wholefood produce bags
  • Non-airtight packaging (we recommend sealing them with a paper sticker for simple but effective eco-packaging!)
  • Takeaway packaging for baked goods
  • Useful for nuts, seeds, or other small groceries
  • Great for non-food related products too
  • Easily brandable with stamps and stickers

The sleek, yet simple design makes them a great fit for any business

Invisa Bag Key Features

It goes without saying that Invisa bags are some of our favourites at Green Pack. Their diverse range of uses, paired with the versatile size options available, make for a product that is sure to suit everyone.

  • Made from ground cellulose
  • Transparency and smoothness thanks to mechanical process called calendering
  • Naturally greaseproof
  • 100% food safe
  • Fully biodegradable & compostable

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