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Brown recycled 2ply lunch napkin, pack of 100pcs

Price:$ 3.70

Brown recycled 2ply lunch napkin 1/4 fold 300x300mm, box of ...

Price:$ 32.00

brown recycled 2ply cocktail napkin 24x24cm,pack of 250pcs

Price:$ 4.20

brown recycled 2ply cocktail napkin 24x24cm, box of 2000pcs

Price:$ 21.00

***MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION*** Premium brown recycled 2ply ...

Price:$ 4.50

***MASSIVE PREICE REDUCTION*** Premium Brown recycled 2ply ...

Price:$ 21.00

***BIG PRICE REDUCTION***Quilted brown recycled 2ply ...

Price:$ 4.90

***MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION****High quality quilted brown ...

Price:$ 23.00

***REDUCED PRICE***Premium brown recycled 1ply lunch ...

Price:$ 9.90

***REDUCED PRICE***15x15cm folded brown recycled 1ply lunch ...

Price:$ 35.00

***BIG PRICE REDUCTION***Premium brown recycled quilted ...

Price:$ 4.50

***MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION**** Premuim brown recycled ...

Price:$ 29.00

Recycled brown 1ply dispenser napkin - 1/6 fold 240x225, ...

Price:$ 32.00

***clearance special****2ply Redifold Lunch Napkin white, ...

Price:$ 32.00

linen look GT fold dinner white napkin,40x40cm and 20x10cm ...

Price:$ 45.15

linen look GT fold dinner white napkin,40x40cm, 20x10cm ...

Price:$ 13.88

2ply sugarcane/bamboo cocktail napkin,12x12 folded, pack of ...

Price:$ 5.50

Folded 12x12cm Cocktail napkin 2ply white, box of 2000pcs

Price:$ 21.00

15x15cm folded,2ply sugarcane/bamboo lunch napkin, pack of ...

Price:$ 7.20

15x15cm folded white 2ply sugarcane/bamboo lunch napkin, ...

Price:$ 36.00

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Latest News!

Here at Green Pack, we have new products arriving constantly. We keep in touch with the latest things that are happening in the green hospitality scene, we talk to our customers and suppliers so we are able to make sure we have what customers want.

New in cups:

The 'Slim 12': a 12oz cup that is taller and slimmer than a traditional 12oz. It takes an 8oz lid so you only need one size if you just do an 8 and 12oz coffee. It also feels very nice in the hand, it's easy to hold and wrap your mitt around while you move.

The 'Coffee Origins' cups. So far we have the squat 8oz and a 16oz at this stage. These cultured cups have three traditional inspired designs from great coffee growing regions in each sleeve. The squat 8 is the reverse of the 'Slim 12', it's an 8oz cup that takes a 12 oz lid.

Of course, both these cups are fully compostable and recyclable.