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Palm Leaf Bio Plates



 Made from naturally shed palm sheaths of the Areca Palm (Betel Nut Palm) in South India.
The collected sheaths are thoroughly pressure cleaned and mechanically pressed in a pre-heated mould.
The entire manufacturing process uses no chemicals or additives. No trees are cut down.

Not all palm leaf products are created equal!
The premium plates have a better finish with smoother edges, more uniform appearance and an all round more quality feel.

 Prices shown are excluding GST


Premium small round 180mm shallow bowl, pack of ...

Price:$ 12.20

Premium small round 180mm shallow bowl, box of 100pcs

Price:$ 35.00

Budget - 250mm large round palm leaf plate, pack of ...

Price:$ 13.65

Budget - 250mm large round palm leaf plate, box of ...

Price:$ 39.00

160mm small square palm leaf plate, Pack of 25pcs/4x25 for ...

Price:$ 12.00

160mm small square palm leaf plate, box of 100pcs/4x25 for ...

Price:$ 35.00

 Round 230mm Bioplate, pack of 25pcsA sturdy plate that can ...

Price:$ 14.00

Round 230mm Bioplate, box of 100pcsSuitable for hot a wet ...

Price:$ 38.00

250mm large Square flat palm leaf plate, pack of 25pcsThese ...

Price:$ 14.35

250mm large Square flat palm leaf plate, box of ...

Price:$ 42.00

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