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Paper Trays

Highest quality, sturdy cardboard trays. Your customers will love the look and feel of this perfectly designed tray and container range! Choose between PLA coated and uncoated products.

Recyclable Product

Prices shown are excluding GST

Australian made hot dog tray box 250pcs Uncoated heavy one ...

Price:$ 45.00

Top 205 x 140mm Base 140 x 85mm, 50mm high Australian ...

Price:$ 79.61

Top 155 x 125mm Base 110 x 75mm, 35mm high Australian ...

Price:$ 58.80

Kraft open hot dog tray, box of 300pcs

Price:$ 59.80

Kraft open hot dog tray, pack of 50pcs

Price:$ 15.33

Premium kraft paper tray 1, pack of 50pcs.

Price:$ 9.17

Premium kraft paper tray 1, box of 500pcs.

Price:$ 55.86

Dry food kraft paper tray 1, box of 500pc

Price:$ 47.00

Premium brown kraft tray 2, pack of 60pcs

Price:$ 21.28

Kraft Tray #2 natural 178x178x45mm, box of 240pcs

Price:$ 55.30

REDUCED PRICE! Printed kraft paper tray 2, box of 250pcs

Price:$ 39.00

Premium kraft paper tray 3, pack of 60pcs

Price:$ 15.70

Premium kraft paper tray 3, box of 240pcs

Price:$ 40.76

Dry food brown kraft paper tray, box of 250pcs

Price:$ 33.00

Premium kraft paper tray 4 unprinted, pack of 60pcs

Price:$ 21.90

Premium kraft paper tray 4 plain, box of 240pcs

Price:$ 56.95

Printed kraft paper tray 4 (225x152x45), box of 250pcs

Price:$ 45.00

Premium kraft paper tray 5 unprinted, pack of 50pcs

Price:$ 26.10

Premium kraft paper tray 5 unprinted (225x179x58), box of ...

Price:$ 37.90

Brown kraft paper tray 5, box of 100pcs

Price:$ 25.48

Brown cardboard catering tray small, box of 50pcs

Price:$ 51.50

Plastic lid for small catering tray, pack of 50pcs

Price:$ 19.50

Brown cardboard catering tray medium size, box of 50pcs

Price:$ 62.00

Plastic lid for medium catering tray, pack of 50pcs

Price:$ 27.50

Brown cardboard catering tray large, box of 50pcs

Price:$ 84.50

Plastic lid for large catering tray, pack of 50pcs

Price:$ 38.00

Hot dog size tray white, PE lined, box of 250pcs.

Price:$ 33.84

Premium brown Kraft chip cup, pack of 125pcs

Price:$ 30.55

Premium brown Kraft chip cup, box of 500pcs

Price:$ 79.43
Price:$ 59.00
Latest News!

Here at Green Pack, we have new products arriving constantly. We keep in touch with the latest things that are happening in the green hospitality scene, we talk to our customers and suppliers so we are able to make sure we have what customers want.

Pimp your Straw!

We stock the worlds best paper straw, it's as simple as that.

Aardvark straws are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, FDA approved dyes (the only paper straw that can say this). The wall is thicker than other straws and so resists getting soggy. Aardvark also makes the very special 'eco-flex' bendy paper straw, and if you buy the green turtle straws you are contributing to marine turtle research.

Aardvark also offers you the facility to Print your own logo or design on your straw. We use a sophisticated 4-colour process to ensure you get your exact colour choice, and there are also a range of options for layout. You can also print on the straw wrapper if you choose a wrapped straw.

Who Gives A Crap!

We do! We now stock the whole 'Who Gives a Crap' range of tissues, paper towel, premium, regular and jumbo toilet rolls.
We really like the ethos of Who Gives A Crap with their vision of sustainability and giving back to communities in need. The products look and feel great as well, a real win win.


We are really busy this week with the usual last minute flurry of orders from all our food stall customers at The Byron Bay Bluesfest.
It looks to be a fantastic line-up this year for all the punters and crew with the best ever selection of delectable food stalls. They're sure to keep the feet tapping and the smiles spreading. Oh, and the music will be fantastic as usual also.