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Paper Towels

Roll Towel Dispenser, box of 1pc

Price:$ 20.00

Plastic wall mounted ultraslim dispenser, 72wx260wx365h to ...

Price:$ 25.00

Recycled Centre Feed Towel 300m roll, 100% post consumer ...

Price:$ 10.00

Recycled Centre Feed Towel 300m, box of 4 rolls. 100% post ...

Price:$ 31.95

Prime Source Sugarcane Paper Hand Towel - Slim Fold ...

Price:$ 52.25

Brown recycled roll towel 80m, pack of 1 roll, not ...

Price:$ 3.95

Brown recycled roll towel 80m, box of 16 rolls, not ...

Price:$ 38.00

Slimline brown recycled, interleaved hand towel 230w x 85d ...

Price:$ 46.00

Brown recycled ultra slim interleaved hand towel 243w x 59d ...

Price:$ 34.00

Compact brown recycled hand towel 200w x 53d (stacked) x ...

Price:$ 34.00
Latest News!

Here at Green Pack, we have new products arriving constantly. We keep in touch with the latest things that are happening in the green hospitality scene, we talk to our customers and suppliers so we are able to make sure we have what customers want.

New in cups:

The newest cup to hit the pages of Green Pack is the 'RAW' selection. A light Kraft look inside and out with the compostable stamp so your customers know that you are not using a plastic lined cup. Available in 6oz, 8oz and the 'Slim', which is the latest alternative to the traditional 12oz. All these cups take the same size small lid, which makes ordering your lids so much simpler.

The 'Coffee Origins' cups, comes in 8oz 'squat', 12oz and 16oz. These cultured cups have three traditional inspired designs from great coffee growing regions in each sleeve. The squat 8 is the reverse of the 'Slim 12', it's an 8oz cup that takes a 12 oz lid, so if you order all three sizes, you only need to order one size lid. We like to make life easy for our customers.

Of course, these cups are fully compostable and recyclable.