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Compostable Bin Liners

These compostable bin liners, made from cornstarch, are a great innovation for those wishing to be more eco-conscious. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles. Whether its for commercial or private kitchens, they’re sure to meet your needs. Our range of cornstarch bin liners are home compostable. This allows them to break down quickly and easily, therefore minimising environmental consequences.

If you’re looking to keep your kitchen clean and tidy, don’t look past our range of eco-friendly bin liners, perfect for composting.

  • A wide range of home compostable options available
  • Bin liners perfect commercial or private uses
  • AS5810 Home Compostable Certificate & AS4736 Industrial Compostable Certificate.

From $3.80 (excl GST)

Box(16) $42.25 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(1) $3.80 (excl GST)

- +

From $9.00 (excl GST)

Box(6) $28.00 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(1) $9.00 (excl GST)

- +


Image of a Compostable bin liner
$5.80 (excl GST)$3.00 (excl GST)
- +

From $11.00 (excl GST)

Box(12) $66.45 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(1) $11.00 (excl GST)

- +

From $13.97 (excl GST)

Box(9) $62.91 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(1) $13.97 (excl GST)

- +

From $23.36 (excl GST)

Box(20) $210.27 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(1) $23.36 (excl GST)

- +

Image of an Eco friendly bin liner
From $35.99 (excl GST)

Box(6) $153.30 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(1) $35.99 (excl GST)

- +

An image of Larger compostable bin liners
From $34.14 (excl GST)

Box(6) $145.45 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(1) $34.14 (excl GST)

- +

From $54.45 (excl GST)

Box(4) $154.62 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(1) $54.45 (excl GST)

- +

Innovative & Eco-friendly: Cornstarch bags

Cornstarch bags and bin liners are a great innovation in the eco bag industry. Not only are they great for home compost bins, or as produce bags, but they’re also perfectly suited for commercial kitchens looking to better sort and compost their waste.

They’re versatile thanks to a range of sizes, and best of all they’re home compostable, making them a practical and sustainable waste management alternative. Save yourself the hassle of cleaning out your benchtop compost bin everytime you empty it. These eco-friendly bin liners are great for keeping your kitchen clean, tidy, and smelling fresh!

We’re also proud to stock a range of compostable produce bags, perfect for groceries. Not only do they make sturdy produce bags, but they can also be reused as compost bin liners once you’re home.


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