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Compostable Stand-up pouches

It’s an exciting time at Green Pack as we now stock Australia’s first multi-layered stand-up pouches with Australian and international compostable certification.

These standing stock bags come in two unique variants and sizes. The paper pouches feature an inner metalized coating, and are certified home compostable to strict Australian standards (ABA). The clear pouches are great for displaying produce, and are certified commercially compostable to international standards (TUV).

– The raw materials are derived from non-GMO and non fossil-fuel sources, and use FSC certified paper.

– Both pouch variants have great gas and moisture barrier properties and are air-tight when heat/vacuum sealed

– Fridge and freezer safe down to -20º degrees celsius

Not microwavable or oven safe

– All the laminates have full food grade approval for food contact, European Directive EC2002/72.

– The only products of their kind to meet the world’s most stringent standards for compostability.

– Supermarket shelf life is recommended no longer than 12 months, although the bags will not degrade unless they are in the ground.

– OK compost INDUSTRIAL (EN 13432). Packaging or products featuring the OK compost Industrial label are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks and additives.

These new pouches are a great eco-friendly alternative!

AVAILABLE 2020 (Only large metallised paper home compostable pouches left – while stocks last)

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