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NatureFlex gusset bag No.42 300 x 150 x 50mm, pack of 100pcs

SKU: NFP42-100

Product Information

Dimension(cm): 300mm x 150mm x 50mm

Brand Name: NatureFlex

Country of Origin: Australia / UK

The Compostable NatureFlex Bags is certified home compostable within 8-12 weeks. Natureflex is the leading brand when it comes to compostable clear bags. There are mnay benefits of switching to a product like this. This small bag has incredible grease, oil, and fat resistance. These bags are 100% Food safe & also work great for non-food related products. They are shelf stable in dry & cool conditions, meaning they won’t break down prematurely. Compostable materials, including compostable packaging materials, need oxygen, moisture, and microorganisms to begin the degradation process

The laminate used to manufacture these bags is made from cellulose. This is derived from FSC certified wood pulp. The NatureFlex bags are microwavable and can withstand a heat of 198°C degrees for up to 30 minutes. NatureFlex Bags are easily heat sealable on both sides but not vacuum sealable. Resistant to oil & grease, as well as having an excellent barrier to gases, aromas, & moisture. Therefore, these Compostable NatureFlex Bags are a great product for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact. Whether it’s used as packaging for shelf stable baked goods, seeds, nuts, or other snacks; our range of bags are versatile enough to match all needs.

For more information about NatureFlex, click here

*Please note; due to health & safety regulations, we cannot refund this product.  This is because they do not come individually packaged. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page

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