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360ml/12oz PLA round container

SKU: EP-RDP-Y097S0064

Product Information

Compostable PLA 360ml/12oz round container, box of 500pcs and pack of 50pcs

The 360ml PLA is a takeaways best friend. The PLA material looks like plastic but is actually fully compostable and eco-friendly, making this the perfect eco conscious alternative. Stylish and sustainable. Suitable for medium portions of cold food, such as salads or cereals. Lids sold separately.

- Dimensions: Diameter- 123mm, height- 50mm

- Materials: Made from compostable PLA

- Quantity: Available in boxes of 500pcs and packs of 50pcs


Read more information about PLA (polylactic acid)

*NSW customers* Please be aware that single-use, compostable (e.g. PLA etc.) containers must now be sold with spill-proof lids, in compliance with new plastic regulations as of Nov 1st. Without this exemption, compostable plastic products are prohibited from sale to NSW customers. For more information please visit the Plastic Ban NSW website here.


Dimension:⌀123mm x 50mm
Carton weight:6kg
Compatible with:

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