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Napkin with cutlery pocket, box of 1200pcs

SKU: KraftCutpouchNap-1200

Product Information

Dimension(cm): 400mm x 300mm unfolded

Country of Origin: Malaysia

A napkin cutlery pocket is a great addition to any takeaway order. It doubles as both a napkin, and a cutlery pouch, adding value. The napkin is folded in unique way which creates a pocket. Here, you can insert your choice of cutlery. You can pair either regular cutlery, or wooden cutlery for takeaway. Please be aware that there is no cutlery included with this product. This napkin uses 100% plant based matierals in manufacturing. This means it is fully compostable. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact.

A product like this has a versatile set of uses. Not only is it perfect for takeaway orders, keeping everything tidy and in one place, it's also great for dine in uses. Inserting cutlery can help prevent the napkin from blowing away, and gives a set table, a clean and refined aesthetic. You can also brand this product. Using plant based, food safe inks, you can stamp your businesses logo onto one of the corners. Therefore, a napkin cutlery pocket is a great product for hospitality customers. It's especially useful for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. Get more value for money with this fantastic, innovative product!

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