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Geami WrapPak EX 508mm x 80m brown/white

SKU: GeamiMini

Product Information

Geami WrapPak ExBox Mini is a handy dispenser box that expands brown die-cut Kraft paper into a 3D honeycomb stucture and in combination with white inter leaved tissue paper, is used for wrapping, packing and cushioning even the most fragile items.

508mm wide x 80m long - expanded 134m
die-cut brown Kraft paper / white tissue paper

 - eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to bubble wrap
-  unique presentation
-  no tape required as the expanded honeycomb cells interlock 
-  re-usable
-  sustainably sourced in combination with recycled paper
-  naturally 100% compostable or recyclable

Small enough to be placed onto any table or packaging area, the dispenser measures 560 x 180 x 240mm and weighs approx. 6kg.
Dispenser is recyclable as well.

*This is a single use item, no refills are available for this product.

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