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Kraft open hot dog tray

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Kraft open hot dog tray, box of 600pcs or pack of 100pcs

The premium kraft trays are made from the highest quality cardboard. They have a great natural look and feel with a clean finish. As the materials are all plant based, these trays are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, making them an excellent sustainable packaging alternative. These premium hot dog trays are ideally suited for takeaway service. Sturdy and deals well with low amounts of moisture despite not being PLA coated.

- Dimensions: Compostable Kraft cardboard, uncoated, Top- 240x100mm, base- 210x70mmx35h

- Materials: Made from the highest quality uncoated, unprinted, natural cardboard

- Quantity: Available in boxes of 600pcs and packs of 100pcs

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