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Premium – large square flat palm leaf plate 250mm, box of 100pcs

SKU: OT250sqFl-100

Product Information

Premium 250mm square palm leaf Bio plate, box of 100pcs

The premium 250mm square Palm leaf plate is ideal for a larger sized dinner plate. These are premium plates with a professional finish, smooth edges and all round quality feel. It’s also an ideal eco-friendly alternative to standard single-use styrofoam plates. The remarkably sturdy materials allow it to withstand hot or cold foods with high liquid or grease content. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, making it the ideal eco-friendly food packaging alternative.

The palm leaf bio plates are all fully biodegradable and compostable. This product is handmade in India by using naturally fallen leaves of the areca palm. No trees are cut down for the production of these plates.

- Dimensions: Length- 250mm, width- 250mm, depth- approx. 20mm

- Materials: Areca Palm fronds, 100% chemical free

- Quantity: Available in boxes of 100pcs

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