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36L compostable bin liner, 1 roll/25 bags

SKU: C36LBin-1

Product Information

These green bin liners are ideal for private or commercial kitchens. Made from cornstarch, they are great for compost bins as they are biodegradable. Keep your conscience as clean as your kitchen with these eco-friendly bin liners. These compostable bin liners have many benefits over regular plastic. Firstly they have a much reduced impact on our delivate environment. Secondly, they require less energy to manufacture; just another benefit of switching to environmentally friendly packaging!

The 36L compostable bin liner is a great medium sized bag and will fit in small to medium sized bins. This gives these bags a degree of versatility which is always a plus. These green bin liners won't begin degrading until certain conditions are met; those conditions can be found in any compost! For more information about the benefits of composting, check out our article here.


Dimension:H650mm, W560mm, gusset 140mm
Suitable for:Fresh produce or as a bin liner
Disposal:Home compostable
Certificate(s):Europe’s EN 13432, the USA’s ASTM D 6400, Japan’s GreenPla, Australia’s AS 4736
Brand Name:Cardia

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