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Kraft paper cutlery pouch with napkin, pack of 50pcs

SKU: 1cutpouch-50

Product Information

Dimension(cm): 320mm x 320mm unfolded

Among some our most popular products, is the cutlery pouch with napkin. And for good reason; with the included napkin, it's a great environmentally conscious way to minimise your contribution to landfill. This cutlery pouch is fully compostable thanks to the 100% plant based materials. The napkin is the ideal size for a lunch or dinner style service, making it a competitive and versatile option! It works great in combination with either regular, or wooden cutlery. Please be aware that cutlery is not included.

A variety of uses suit this product; whether it's for dine in, or takeaway. A cutlery pouch with napkin can add another layer of professionalism to your hospitality service, by giving a set table a more refined look. It can also help with transportation when it comes to takeaway orders as it keeps cutlery in one place. Therefore the the takeaway order is more organised and secure. The natural colour of the pouch and napkin are instantly recogniseable.

Another benefit is that these pouches are perfect for custom branding. We recommend using plant based inks and paper stickers to further minimise your environtmental impact, and to ensure compostability. At the end of it's lifespan, the kraft pouch can be recycled, reused, or composted along with the napkin.

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