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White CPLA 80mm cup lid, pack of 50pcs

SKU: 1CPL8-50

Product Information

Dimension(cm): Diameter - 80mm, height - 15mm

The White eco cup lids are a great option for any takeaway or cafe looking to reduce their environmental impact. Hot drinks such as coffee & tea are perfectly suited for these lids, however cold takeaway drinks are also suitable. One of the environmental benefits of switching to this product is that they are 100% commercially compostable. These lids add a great level of portability to any drink! These lids will fit on all 80mm diameter single, or double wall cups. This product is perfect, whether you're a local stall holder, or you operate on a larger scale. This lid design features an ergonomic rim, with comfortably sized sipping punchout.

What gives white eco cup lids their versatility and more value, is it's compatibility with a large range of different cup sizes. Provided they all share the 80mm diameter, these lids will fit perfectly! Find out more about lid compatibility here. CPLA is a superior material to plastic as it is commercially compostable. CPLA uses plant based materials in manufacturing; most commonly corn starch. This means that it also uses less energy during the manufacturing process, which gives it the advantage over regular plastic.

Read more information about PLA (polylactic acid) and about Bioplastics here


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