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Lunch Box with PLA Window Large (1500ml), pack of 50pcs

SKU: LBW5-50

Product Information

Lunch Box with PLA Window Large 1500ml, pack of 50pcs

The large cardboard lunch box is an excellent eco-friendly packaging choice, thanks to is PLA display window. This allows the contents to be clearly visible, making it great for displaying food at a takeaway counter. The lunch box is also lined with compostable PLA, meaning moisture, as well as oils and fats, aren’t absorbed into the cardboard, making for a longer lasting and sturdy takeaway container.

- Dimensions: Height: 64mm, top: 225mm x 167mm, bottom: 197mm x 140mm

- Materials: Made from compostable brown PLA lined cardboard and PLA window

- Quantity: Available in packs of 50pcs

Read more information about PLA (polylactic acid)

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