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PLA cold lid 150mm to fit Kraft 16/25/32oz bowls, pack of 50pcs


Product Information

PLA Raised Cold Lid 150mm to fit 16/25/32oz Kraft Bowls, pack of 50pcs

This compostable raised cold lid is made from plant based PLA, making it a great eco-friendly lid option for the 16-32oz Kraft bowls. The clear lids are ideally suited for desserts or snacks such as yogurt, fruit or muesli, as they are not suitable for hot foods. Adds a great level of portability to the Kraft paper bowls as well as acting as a display window for the contents inside.

- Dimensions: Diameter: 150mm 

- Materials: Made from compostable PLA

- Compatible products: This lid will fit the 16oz, 25oz, and 32oz unbleached sugarcane bowls

- Quantity: Available in packs of 50pcs

Read more information about PLA (polylactic acid)

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