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Who Gives a Crap toilet roll – Classic

SKU: WGAC-classic

Product Information

The best known environmentally friendly toilet paper is without a doubt, Who Gives a Crap. Who Gives a Crap states that over 1 million trees are used everyday to produce standard toilet paper. That's why this toilet-roll is made from 100% recycled bamboo fibre. This means it's 'tree-free' which is substantially better for the environment. This is particularly evident in the speed at which bamboo grows. The 3 ply layers make this a soft, and tree free toilet tissue. Another great benefit of using this product is that 50% of the profits of Who Gives A Crap is donated to building toilets for those in need. This high quality tissue paper comes in many different colourful boxes, sure to brighten up any room.

As outlined above, environmentally friendly toilet paper can have many benefits. The environmental and social benefits are self evident. Who Gives a Crap toilet paper is one of the leading brands which has a social aspect integrated into their business model. Not only do you get a fantastic product, but your money is also going to a great cause which is having a real, positive impact. Commercial use is perfectly suited for this product. It's also great if you're looking for an eco-friendly option for your home!

Available in boxes of 48pcs and packs of 6pcs.


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