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The products in this category are great plastic alternatives. We all understand the detrimental effects that single use plastic have had on our delicate eco systems; from our oceans to our waterways. We stock a wide range of bags in different sustainable materials including paper, cornstarch, & cellulose.

These plant based alternatives are a great step towards a more sustainable future, a future which prioritises the environment. Which options ranging from compostable to reusable, we’ve got what you need.

  • Many great plastic alternatives including paper & jute
  • A versatile range of bags with a host of different uses including groceries, takeaway, and bin liners
  • Biodegradable, recyclable, and reusbale bags available

Why make the switch to Eco-friendly bags?

Single use plastic bags have been recognised as some of the most damaging products to our delicate ecosystems. Found in our waterways and oceans, these products have done immeasurable damage. However, we must work together to change that.

Our extensive range of environmentally conscious bags are the perfect alternatives for those of us transitioning to sustainable options. Many of our bags are fully compostable, as they are made from plant based materials. We stock a huge range of paper takeaway & produce bags, ideal for all commercial uses. We also stock specialty bags such as our semi-transparent Invisa bags, as well as the ever popular NatureFlex bags, which are excellent for displaying the contents.

We’re now also proud to stock reusable Jute bags. These are a more eco-conscious alternative to the reusable bags found at major supermarkets, which still appear to be made using plastic. Made from plant fibres harvested from the the Jute plant, these bags are compostable at the end of their long lifecycle.



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