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Paper Shopping Bags

Paper can be recycled and composted. This makes it an excellent packaging material. Paper has long been used for packaging as it is lightweight, and relatively durable. Our range of paper shopping bags is full of styles & sizes to suit all needs. Both commercial and private!

In Australia, we’re currently seeing a big push towards increasing recycling rates. As a result, paper and cardboard are great eco-conscious choices for your business. These bags are perfectly suited for curbside reclycling too!

  • Our paper shopping bags are home compostable
  • They’re perfect for recycling and reuse
  • Sturdy, durable, and great for your everyday needs
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Paper shopping bags: A Green Pack favourite!

Paper bags have long been used for a range of packaging needs, including groceries and other products. The hospo and retail industries see the need to transition away from single use plastic bags, and instead look for sustainable packaging alternatives.

Paper is an incredibly versatile material, as it can be made into a huge range of shapes and sizes, it can be fully recycled, and best of all it’s totally home compostable. At Green Pack, we’re proud to also stock a variety of paper bags that are Australian Made!


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