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Enviro Friendly Packaging
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Compostable cups, plates, cutlery
bamboo cutlery - bamboo plates - bamboo skewers - bamboo boats
Eco Packaging
bio degradable cups - wooden spork - disposable plates - paper straws

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Welcome to Green Pack Wholesale 

We are suppliers to the hospitality, catering and event industry, or indeed any business with an ABN Australia -wide.

We are now also serving retail customers looking to purchase for personal use such as weddings, parties or barbeques.

We are proud to offer Australia's largest on-line range of compostable cups, cutlery, plates, bowls and all types of food eco-packaging and utensils.

Our preference is on packaging from renewable and sustainable sources that is fully biodegradable and compostable.

We believe that to be environmentally responsible need not cost the earth, that's why we have Australia's best value compostable packaging.

Happy Shopping!


Premium Bamboo Chopsticks 208mm Wrapped, box of 2000pcs

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Wooden fork, pack of 100pcs suitable for hot & cold ...

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Latest News!

Here at Green Pack, we have new products arriving constantly. We keep in touch with the latest things that are happening in the green hospitality scene, we talk to our customers and suppliers so we are able to make sure we have what customers want.

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It's that time of year again with all the stall-holders gearing up for 3 days of music mayhem at the 26th Annual Falls Festival. Here at Green Pack we have stocked up on all the eco food packaging that meets the Falls Festival food packaging requirements. If you are unsure about whether your...
Once again here at Green Pack we believe that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg on your packaging to be cutting edge or eco-friendly, that's why we have started to introduce our PLA straw range.
Artists Gillie and Marc have used their talents to assist in the fight to save some of the world's endangered animals.

Green Pack: What we do
We are an Australian-based supplier and bulk wholesaler of premium recyclable and biodegradable food service products and packaging. We service all major metropolitan areas in Australia from our NSW warehouse, proudly offering fast delivery from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin and all other coastal, rural and remote areas in between, partnering with Australia Post and Star Track Couriers. Sydney and Brisbane deliveries are ovenight in most cases (please check our terms and conditions). We also offer the option of warehouse pick-ups for our local customers and run a reliable delivery service for our customers based in the Byron, Tweed and Gold Coast areas.

Our Products:
We carry a very extensive range of sustainable and eco friendly food service products and packaging that includes premium biodegradable and food safe paper drinking straws, wood and cornstarch cutlery, also bamboo cutlery including sporks and skewers, biodegradable coffee cups, takeaway food containers and cardboard food trays, recycled paper bags, napkins and toilet paper, ice cream cups and clear PLA smoothie cups with lids. We are also well known for supplying the popular and versatile palm leaf plates, a sustainable and also fully compostable catering product that is often mistaken for bamboo plates! The palm leaf plates are produced using the naturally shed palm sheaths of the Areca Palm. After the cleaning process, they are pressed into the familiar plate shapes using a heated mould, then packaged. They make a great natural and eco friendly alternative to traditional disposable plastic plates and are 100% free from chemicals and other additives. Like many of our products, the palm leaf bio plates can be composted and used as garden mulch or recycled as part of your green waste. 

Our Customers:
At Green Pack we are proud to supply quality products to a diverse selection of Australian consumers who are committed to making the conscious decision to switch to a range of biodegradable and recyclable food service products. For example, we work with corporate clients who care about their environmental footprint. We work with festival and event organisers interested in minimising the amount of plastic packaging waste going to landfill. We supply to local market stall holders who specialise in takeaway meals using our range of biodegradable packaging and catering supplies. We work with cafe and restaurant owners looking to switch from disposable takeaway products to more sustainable and popular options as such our range of bio coffee cups and lids, cardboard trays, wooden stirrers, recycled napkins and bags and of course our exclusive range of food safe paper drinking straws. We also take pride in suppling products to many Australian schools, universities and other educational institutes and charity organisations across the country who are all setting examples to the younger generation regarding more sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption practices. 

So consider Green Pack with our comprehensive range of sustainable food service products we are the perfect choice for your next community or business event, party or festival.