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What we do

We are an Australian-based supplier & wholesaler of premium recyclable & biodegradable food service products & packaging.

We ship Australia wide from our NSW warehouse, proudly offering fast & reliable delivery to all capital cities as well as all coastal, regional & remote areas in between. We are long-term partners with Australia Post & StarTrack Couriers, meaning you get your products when you need them. Our friendly team has over 12 years experience in the eco-packaging industry and strives to give both new and returning customers a great experience.

We believe in our products, and we believe that together we can truly make a difference in keeping our environment clean and beautiful.

Our Products

We carry an extensive range of sustainable & eco-friendly food service products & packaging that includes: premium biodegradable & food safe paper drinking straws, wooden, bamboo & cornstarch cutlery including sporks & skewers, biodegradable coffee cups, takeaway food containers & trays, recycled paper bags, napkins & toilet paper, ice cream cups & clear PLA smoothie cups with lids.

We also supply the popular and versatile Bio Palm-Leaf plates; a sustainable & fully compostable catering product! The Palm-Leaf plates are produced by using the naturally shed sheaths of the Areca Palm. After rigorous cleaning, they are heat-pressed into the familiar plate shapes then packaged. They make a great natural and eco-friendly alternative to outdated disposable plastic plates and are 100% free from chemicals and other additives. Like many of our products, the Palm-Leaf bio plates can be composted and used as garden mulch or as part of your green waste.

Green Pack - Eco-Friendly Packaging Specialists

At Green Pack we are proud to supply quality products to a diverse selection of Australian consumers —both wholesale & retail— who are committed to consciously switching to a range of biodegradable and recyclable food service products. For example:

  • We work with industry clients who care about their environmental footprint.
  • We work with festival and event organisers interested in minimising the amount of plastic packaging waste going to landfill.
  • We work with restaurant and cafe owners looking to switch from disposable takeaway products to more sustainable and popular options such as our range of bio coffee cups and lids, cardboard trays, wooden stirrers, recycled napkins, bags and of course our exclusive range of food safe paper drinking straws.
  • We supply local market stall holders who specialise in takeaway meals using our range of biodegradable packaging and catering supplies.
  • We of course also supply regular Aussies looking to make a difference, such as with our renowned Bio Palm-Leaf plate range; perfect for family get-togethers!

So consider Green Pack with our comprehensive range of sustainable food service products! We’re the perfect choice for daily business use, upcoming community festivals, or your next backyard BBQ.


We can’t always compost; that’s why we supply a range of reusable & recyclable packaging solutions for your convenience.


The best way to keep our environment clean & beautiful is to reduce our ecological-footprint. Compostable products are the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start now.

Home Compostable

Anyone can do it! We supply a wide range of products that can be composted directly at home; this includes but isn’t limited to our Bio Palm-Leaf plates, bamboo or sugarcane fibre products & wooden cutlery!

Commercially Compostable

Not all products are made equal; some require special processing, but with increasing demand this will soon be commonplace. Check with your local council for more info!

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