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Stand Up Bags (Flat Bottom)

Produce and groceries are perfect for Stand up bags (Flat Bottom). We proudly stock a variety of sizes and styles. These include bags with commercially compostable PLA windows, great for displaying produce. In addition, we stock a variety of bottle bags, and brown paper checkout bags.

With a push in Australia to increase recycling rates, these paper bags are a smart choice. They’re both recyclable and compostable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic.

  • 100% Food safe, ideal for everyday use
  • Paper is both recyclable & compostable
  • Stand up bags (Flat Bottom) have functionality, great for checkouts
  • Perfect for commercial settings that require reliable, daurable bags

An image of a Large brown PLA window bag with tin tie
$206.85 (excl GST)
- +

An image of a medium eco window bag
$173.00 (excl GST)
- +

An image of a Small eco window bag
$161.77 (excl GST)
- +


An image of a Flat bottom Checkout Bag
From $25.20 (excl GST)

SOS 12 large brown bag

H330mm, W178mm, gusset 112mm

Box(500) $40.00 (excl GST)$34.00 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(250) $25.20 (excl GST)

- +

$40.64 (excl GST)
- +


$50.00 (excl GST)$44.90 (excl GST)
- +

From $17.07 (excl GST)

SOS #4 x-small brown bag

H235mm, W127mm, gusset 77mm

Box(2000) $96.97 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(250) $17.07 (excl GST)

- +

From $22.15 (excl GST)

SOS #6 small brown bag

H270mm, W150mm, gusset 90mm

Box(2000) $125.78 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(250) $22.15 (excl GST)

- +

From $38.00 (excl GST)

SOS #8 medium brown bag

H315mm, W154mm, gusset 100mm

Box(1000) $68.00 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(500) $38.00 (excl GST)

- +


From $22.40 (excl GST)

SOS 12 Heavy duty large brown bag

H345mm, W178mm, gusset 112mm

Box(500) $48.00 (excl GST)$40.80 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(250) $28.00 (excl GST)$22.40 (excl GST)

- +

From $18.00 (excl GST)

SOSW#4, x-small white bag

H235mm, W127mm, gusset 77mm

Box(2000) $102.21 (excl GST)

- +

Pack(250) $18.00 (excl GST)

- +

Stand Up (Flat Bottom) Bags – A Wide Range at Great Prices

Our range of stand up (flat bottom) bags offers a variety of styles and sizes to suit all needs. From bottle bags, to window bags, all the way to everyday brown paper checkout bags, you’ll find it here. Paper has long been used as packaging, and for good reason. It’s lightweight and relative durability make it a far superior alternative to single use plastic. These bags are great for businesses looking to make a switch to eco-friendly packaging, or looking to expand their business to include more takeaway options.

We’re proud to stock a range of great eco-conscious packaging alternatives, reducing our reliance on landfills, and instead opting for recycling instead.

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