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Invisa Bags

Invisa Bags are a brilliant, Australian made innovation. These bags are suited well wholefoods and other produce. We stock a range of sizes, perfect for commercial or private settings. Renewable materials are used in manufacturing. As a result, they are both fully biodegradable & compostable.

The translucency & smoothness is due to a mechanical process called ‘calendaring’. Customers can then see the contents of the bag before making a purchase. It can also give off a lighter and much more premium feel than regular brown paper bags.

  • These bags are made from high quality cellulose
  • Invisa Bags are naturally greaseproof & 100% food safe
  • They’re both biodegradable & fully compostable
  • They’re made in Australian
  • Thanks to their design, they are easily brandable with paper stickers or stamps
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Australian Made Innovations

Not only are Invisa bags functional, sleek and compostable, but they’re also made here in Australia! We stock a wide range of size options to suit all needs. Whether its for commercial uses such as groceries and wholefoods, or for other non-food related goods, Invisa bags are a great choice.

The semi-translucent finish comes thanks to a technique known as ‘calendering’, which turns the cellulose into a stylish and funtional material. It allows customers see the contents of the bags before making a purchase. These bags are also easily brandable with something as simple as a paper sticker or a plant based ink stamp! Make them unique to your business.

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