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These containers are made from tree free, annually renewable materials. They are fully compostable within 30-90 days. They are also recyclable, as they do not have a plastic coating. Their versatility is evident as these containers are suitable for both hot & cold foods.

  • Strong & durable, great for events
  • Water & Oil resistant to 95°C up to 10 minutes
  • Microwavable / re-heatable at 180°C up to 10 minutes
  • Refrigerator & freezer safe to -15°C up to 20 days

From $16.00 (excl GST)From $13.60 (excl GST)

Box(400) $86.48 (excl GST)$73.51 (excl GST)

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Pack(50) $16.00 (excl GST)$13.60 (excl GST)

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From $15.00 (excl GST)From $12.75 (excl GST)

Box(400) $73.37 (excl GST)$62.36 (excl GST)

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Pack(50) $15.00 (excl GST)$12.75 (excl GST)

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