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40L Compostable Bin Liner

SKU: PSB-C-0214

Product Information

Compostable 40L corn-starch bin liners, box of 9 rolls and pack of 1 roll. 20 bags/roll.

Compostable bags for food waste. Cardia Compostable Biodegradable kitchen tidy bags are great for capturing all of your compostable food scraps. These strong, soft touch bags are made with GMO free, renewable, plant based Cardia Compostable material. Cardia Compostable bags can be composted in aerobic, industrial composting plants. Turn into compost, condition soil for improved plant growth. No change to current composting practices. Independently verified.


20 bags/roll180 bags/box9 rolls/box
Dimension:74 x 60cm large
Suitable for:bin liner
Disposal:Home compostable
Certificate(s):Australian Standard AS5810 Home Compostable Certificate & AS4736 Industrial Compostable Certificate

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