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NatureFlex gusset bag No.24 230 x 100 x 50mm, pack of 100pcs

SKU: NFP24-100

Product Information

The latest innovation in disposable compostable food packaging. The Compostable Gusset Bag is made from cellulose sourced from FSC forests. NatureFlex produce bags are an excellent eco-friendly packaging alternative made from 100% sustainable materials! Perfect for commercial or private use. Great for food, or other products.

Key features include:

  • Our Compostable Gusset Bag is 100% Food safe & also work great for non-food related products
  • Ideally suited for dry foods, however they are currently not recommended for liquids
  • They are shelf stable in dry & cool conditions, meaning they won’t break down prematurely. Compostable materials, including compostable packaging materials, need oxygen, moisture, and microorganisms to begin the degradation process.
  • Resistant to oil & grease, as well as having an excellent barrier to gases, aromas, & moisture
  • NatureFlex Bags are easily heat sealable on both sides but not vacuum sealable
  • Provide a great transparency and glossy finish with inherent anti-static properties
  • These bags are made in Australia from NatureFlex laminate produced in the United Kingdom

For more information about NatureFlex Home Compostable Plastic Bags, click here

*Please note; due to health & safety regulations, we cannot refund this product.  This is because they do not come individually packaged. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page


Dimension:H230mm, W100mm, gusset 50mm
Suitable for:Dry goods, semi-moist goods, confectionary, gifts
Brand Name:NatureFlex
Country of Origin:Australia / UK

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