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2 Square Brown grease resistant lined paper bag, pack of 500pcs

SKU: Osq2GPLbr

Product Information

Australian made 2 Square brown grease resistant lined paper bag 210mm long x 200mm wide, pack of 500pcs

The medium sized grease resistant brown paper bag is ideal for warm foods, such as pies or other pastries. It is well suited for both commercial or private use as the inner lining prevents fats from challenging the structural integrity of the bag, meaning it stays sturdier for longer.

It is fully compostable and biodegradable, making it a great eco-friendly packaging option. Made in Australia using high quality kraft paper.

- Dimensions: Length- 210mm, width- 200mm

- Materials: Made in Australia from high quality kraft paper

- Quantity: Available in packs of 500pcs

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