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Black CPLA 90mm cup lid


Product Information

The Compostable Black 90mm Cup Lid adds a great level of portability to any drink, and is a must have for any cafe or takeaway. The high quality CPLA is fully commercially compostable making it the perfect eco-friendly alternative. The material used to manufacture these lids is CPLA or Crystallized Poly Lactic Acid. This material is made from corn starch which is plant based. It can withstand higher temperatures than regular PLA and is therefore ideal for hot coffee! There are many advantages to PLA including the fact that it requires less energy to produce. The Compostable Black 90mm Cup Lid features a functional sip and air hole to ensure the drinking experience is a smooth one. Made to fit all cups with a 90mm diameter rim.

Available in boxes of 1000pcs and packs of 50pcs.

Fits all 90mm diameter cups. The cup & lid compatibility chart can be found here.

For more information about Bioplastics read our article here


Dimension:H15mm, ⌀90mm
Bottom dimensions:⌀90mm
Material(s):Black CPLA
Suitable for:Hot takeaway coffee

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