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10oz Art-Print Single Wall Cup, pack of 50pcs

SKU: 1SWcup10ozART-50

Product Information

This 10oz Art Print cup is PLA lined, meaning it’s commercially compostable, biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is part of our eco art print cup range that showcases the popular work of Sydney artists Gillie and Marc. The 10oz Art Print cup is colourful and eye-catching. It features the iconic characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman. The cup is suitable for use with both cold and warm beverages, ideal as a juice cup, slushie cup or coffee cup, making it the perfect green and sustainable alternative to regular disposable takeaway cups.

This unique and stylish biodegradable cup series has been designed by the Sydney based contemporary artist couple, Gillie and Marc. The couple are passionate animal lovers and often use their art to spread messages about environmental conservation and the importance of saving critically endangered species. While all of their designs are bright, eye-catching and thought-provoking, the 8oz single wall bio cup features an original Sumatran Orangutan print. This design intends to highlight the severely declining Orangutan population due to the destruction of their natural habitat and the illegal pet trade at the hand of humans. The message is simple: enjoy your beverage and join the fight for environmental and animal conservation while working to minimise your carbon footprint!

For more information about Bioplastics read our article here


Nominated volume:10oz / 295ml
Total fill volume:329ml
Dimension:Fits 80mm cup lid
Top dimensions:⌀80mm
Bottom dimensions:⌀56mm
Total height:110mm
Material(s):Printed paper
Suitable for:Coffee, tea, hot or cold drinks
Compatible with:
Disposal:Commercially Compostable
Brand Name:Gillie and Marc

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