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4oz Pastel Aqueous Coated Single Wall Cup


Product Information

4oz / 118ml Pastel single wall aqueous coated cups are home compostable and available as box of 1000pcs and pack of 50pcs.

These cups are made from plant-based materials. They are coated with a biodegradable inner aqueous lining, which helps prevent moisture from seeping through, and maintains the cup for long periods of time.

Please note that the colour proportions found in each box are random. These cups comply with the Australian Standard AS5810 standard for home compostability. The RePAPER coating requires a much thinner coating to achieve the same result as the equivalent PLA or even P.E. coated cups. This helps to speed up the composting process and reduce waste when recycled. RePAPER is also very thermostable which means it can handle heat including reheating in microwaves

  • Lid compatibility chart can be found here
  • Fits 4oz/60mm lid


Nominated volume:4oz / 118ml
Total fill volume:120ml
Dimension:Home Compostable - Fits 60mm Cup Lid
Top dimensions:62mm
Bottom dimensions:45mm
Total height:63mm
Compatible with:
Disposal:Home Compostable
Certificate(s):Australian Standard AS5810 for Home Compostability

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