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Wooden Fork

SKU: WF160

Product Information

The compostable wooden fork is a great environmentally conscious product. They are superior to their plastic counterparts as they are 100% home compostable. 100% sustainably sourced plantation birch is used to make these forks. This compostable wooden fork is fully biodegradable and compostable. Suitable for hot or cold food. These forks are light weight but still sturdy. This makes them great for takeaways or market stalls.

An excellent eco-conscious alternative! Whether you're a market stall holder serving takeaway meals, or a large scale catering service, these wooden forks are ideally suited to these applications. They are great for takeaway or for a dine-in service.

This product uses sustainably sourced wood. As a result, it's perfect for home composting. This one of the great eco-conscious benefits of using a product like this. It can reduce your contribution to landfill and can make us more mindful of the harmful waste we produce. Ease-of-use was an important factor when designing this product. Not only do they have a simple yet timeless design, but they are also comfortable in the hand. The ergonomics and universal size, makes these forks perfect for takeaway meals. If you're looking to reduce your environmental footprint, look no further.

Available in boxes of 2000pcs and packs of 100pcs.



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