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Wooden Fork/Knife & Napkin Set

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Looking to minimise your environmental footprint? Look no further. This wooden cutlery set is the perfect all-in-one solution. This product is ideally suited for catered events, private functions & takeaway orders. An added benefit of using this cutlery set is that it is more hygienic than loose cutlery. This is thanks to it's protective paper wrapper. This ensures that the cutlery and napkin stay fresher for longer. The sealed set also results in tidier takeaway order and prevents cutlery from going missing. This set is also suitable for dine-in settings. This is thanks to the convenience and tidiness it provides.

All contents in this cutlery set are compostable. This is because they are made from responsibly sourced paper and wood. Made from sustainably sourced birch, the cutlery is fully compostable. This is better for the environment than other wood sources. As standard, this set comes with a brown lunch napkin. It's standard size and high quality finish make it pleasant and convenient to use. All contents of this set are 100% biodegradable and compostable, making them a great eco-friendly alternative. So, whether you're a catering service, or you run a busy takeaway, this wooden cutlery set is a great sustainable option to consider. With it's versatility and it's minimal environmental impact, it should be on everyone's shopping list.

Available in boxes of 400pcs and packs of 100pcs.


Dimension:150mm x 55mm

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