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Jumbo 7.75″ Eco Flex Wrapped White paper straw

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Flex Wrapped White paper straw, box of 3200pcs and pack of 400pcs.

These biodegradable paper straws come individually wrapped to ensure the straw stays clean as long as possible. Great for transit such as takeaway orders or home delivery. Made in the USA from sustainable wood pulp, wrappers printed with FDA approved ink for direct food contact.

- Dimensions: Height- 197mm, width- 6.5mm

- Materials: Made from biodegradable paper

- Quantity: Available in boxes of 3200pcs and packs of 400pcs.


*Please note that these straws do not claim to have disinfectant qualities and are merely designed to reduce potential straw contamination through their external individual wrapping. For all information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website here


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