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Premium Quilted Dinner Napkin GT Fold recycled brown, box of 1000pcs

SKU: KraftQuiltGTdin-1000

Product Information

Dimension(cm): 400m x 400mm unfolded

The premium recycled dinner napkin, featuring a GT fold, are of higher paper quality than the budget napkins. These napkins are the #1 best selling product in this category and for good reason. Their excellent quality, as well as their versatility is the reason for this popularity. Not only are they perfect for a takeaway dinner service, but eaqually viable for takeaways. The slim folded size means they'll fit with any takeaway order, or onto any table. The natural brown colour can help give a set table a refined aesthetic. Pair them with either regular cutlery, or wooden cutlery for takeaway orders. This makes it a versatile option for anyone looking to expand their business.

This product is made from quilted, recycled materials. The premium recycled dinner napkin is great for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact. They are suitable for cafes, restaurants, takeaway stalls at markets, caterers, and even great for around the house. If you're hosting a big family get together, or having a picnic, these napkins are your best friend! Another great benefit of switching to these dinner napkins is the eco friendly disposal. Along with other food scraps, these napkins can be safely home composted.

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