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Premium Small White Compostable Paper Food Cone

SKU: papcone

Product Information

Premium Small White Compostable Paper Food Cone, box of 500pcs and pack of 125pcs

These white paper food cones are recyclable and compostable, making them the ideal eco friendly food service product for parties, catering events and market stalls searching for a sustainable and creative alternative to regular disposable plates. The material used is an FSC Certified, sturdy and grease resistant uncoated paper, which is perfect for serving small portions of finger food or snacks such as popcorn, lollies, chips, fried calamari or other dry foods with a low liquid content that are easy to eat while walking and standing. Available now in a bulk box of 500 pieces.

- Dimensions: Length- 225mm, width- 150mm

- Materials: Uncoated FSC Certified white paper

- Quantity: Available in boxes of 500pcs (4x125) and packs of 125pcs

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