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BT2 Small tray cardboard uncoated, 110x75x40mm, box of 900pcs

SKU: 1BT2-900

Product Information

CB Small tray uncoated, 110x75x40mm, box of 900pcs

The uncoated cardboard tray is a good choice for takeaways and market stalls looking for versatile food serving trays. Not quite as sturdy or moisture resistant as the Australian made trays, but still good at handling most types of food. These trays can be fully composted, biodegraded, or recycled. A great environmentally friendly packaging solution.

- Dimensions:  Top- 160x125mm, base- 110x75mmx40h.

- Materials: Made from uncoated, one ply, brown/white cardboard. Made in China

- Quantity: Available in boxes of 900pcs


*Please note that these items CANNOT be refunded due to health and safety regulations, as they do not come individually packaged. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page



Dimension:Base 110x75mmx40h
Disposal:Compostable and Recyclable

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