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CPLA Flat Lid to Fit 12,16 & 24oz Paper Container


Product Information

Compostable CPLA flat eco lids add a great level of portability to a variety of containers. This product is perfect for any café or takeaway looking to reduce their environmental impact. The CPLA flat lid is suitable for either hot or cold foods and it is also 100% commercially compostable. This is a great environmentally conscious alternative! This product is made using 100% plant based materials; most commonly corn starch. As a result, CPLA uses less energy during the manufacturing process, when compared to regular plastic. This eco flat lid is perfect for commercial businesses looking for practical and reliable solutions.

CPLA flat eco lids are a great product for takeaways looking to reduce their environmental impact. CPLA is 100% commercially compostable! This product is great addition to any busy takeaway service. The snug fit it provides is great for peace of mind. This product fits a large variety of containers. It's suitable for hot or cold foods including larger servings of takeaway ice cream. Compatible products include the 12, 16 and 24oz brown paper and white paper containers and 500ml/16oz sugarcane container/bowl. Unfortunately this lid does not fit the bamboo fibre ice cream cups.

For more information about Bioplastics read our article here

*NSW customers* Please be aware that single-use, compostable (e.g. PLA etc.) containers must now be sold with spill-proof lids, in compliance with new plastic regulations as of Nov 1st. Without this exemption, compostable plastic products are prohibited from sale to NSW customers. For more information please visit the Plastic Ban NSW website here.

As of 1 October 2022, the sale of these cups without a lid is banned in WA,  (cups are allowed for sale with a lid but must only be used to serve food e.g. ice cream, fruit salads etc.).


Dimension:H15mm, ⌀116mm
Top dimensions:⌀116mm
Material(s):White CPLA
Compatible with:
Disposal:Commercially compostable
Brand Name:INGEO

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