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225mm/9″ White Round Sugarcane Plate


Product Information

Sugarcane pulp is a great eco-friendly material and has many benefits. Firstly, it's made from the leftover waste material from sugar production. This is a great way to give this material another use. Secondly, since it is a plant material, it's also fully home compostable! This makes compostable sugarcane plates the perfect product for many use-cases. It's ideal for catering services. This is because the size of the plate makes it ideal for dinner or lunch portions. It's also great for takeaways such as market stalls or other events. This product is great in combination with wooden cutlery and our famous GT fold paper napkins!

Compostable sugarcane plates are a great eco option for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact. The simple, yet timeless design allows it to fit in with any occasion. Whether that is a formal event, or a casual picnic. The plate has a 15mm deep rim, which means liquids are kept from spilling. These sugarcane plates are best for dry foods, but they can handle some moisture. They will however, absorb moisture over time as they have a similar consistency to thick paper.

The measurements of the plate are as follows: total diameter - 225mm, width of rim around outside - 17mm,  diamter of area inside rim - 185mm, depth - 15mm. Please note that all measurements are approximate.


Dimension:225mm / 9''
Internal height:15mm

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