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Cardboard Market Tray 1kg

SKU: MT1kg

Product Information

Cardboard Market Tray 1kg, 220x140x50, box of 300pcs and pack of 75pcs.

Detpak Market Trays offer a sustainable alternative to traditional produce trays. Tested to key functionality requirements, including withstanding the rigour of automated packing and wrapping and resistance to softening from moisture, Detpak Market Trays  feature a white bleached inner for premium presentation of produce.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Food grade safe
  • Made from ethically and sustainable sourced paper
  • Recyclable & compostable


  • Sustainable alternative to plastic produce trays
  • Can be used with automated overwrappers
  • Withstands light condensation
  • Attractive brown appearance
  • White inner for premium presentation of produce

This is perfect for:

Sweet Potato, Large Capsicums, Soup Mixes, Carrots


Dimension:220 x 140 x 50mm

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