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Heavy Duty re-usable 3100ml clear square container


Product Information

Dimension(cm): 180mm x 180mm x 120mm

Heavy Duty re-usable 3100ml clear square container, box of 60pcs

Stackable food prep. and storage containers, an essential component of any commercial kitchen.

- Dimensions: Rim180mm x 180mm x 120mm(height)

- Volume:  Nominated serving size 3050ml with lid on,  maximum fill size to rim 3100ml

- Materials: Made from recyclable polypropylene, BPA free.

- Compatible products: Heavy Duty re-usable LIDS for this container are available here

- Quantity: Box of 60pcs, also available in packs of 10pcs

- Heat resistance: 130 degrees

- Microwave: yes, safe for reheating.

- Freezing: Short term, for long term freezing we suggest you use freezer safe polypropylene containers

- Disposal: Fully re-usable and recyclable.

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