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Palm Plate Oval Large 250mm irregular, pack of 25pcs


Product Information

Palm Plate Oval Large 250mm irregular, pack of 25pcs

The 250mm large oval palm leaf plate, with its irregular shape and unique, natural patterning is the perfect stylish and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable plastic or paper plates. The larger size is ideal for serving curries, sandwiches, salads or main course meals. The sturdiness and sloped edges of the plate make it suitable for both cold and hot foods, or foods with high liquid or grease content.

The palm leaf bio plates are all fully biodegradable and can be composted or recycled of as part of green waste. This product is handmade in India by using naturally fallen leaves of the areca palm. No trees are cut down for the production of these plates. 

- Dimensions: Length- 250mm, width- 160mm, depth- 18mm

- Materials: Areca Palm fronds, 100% chemical free

- Quantity: Available in packs of 25pcs

Read more information about Palm Leaf Bioplates Quality

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