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Brown ULTRA SLIM 24×24 Hand Towel, box of 2400pcs

SKU: HandBRultra-2400

Product Information

Dimension(cm): 240mm x 240mm

The brown ultra slim hand towel is a great eco friendly option. These hand towels use 100% recycled paper. Not only does it use recycled materials; but it's also fully biodegradable and compostable! Additionally, this product is ideal for commercial use, when paired with a wall mounted dispenser. The slim design of the hand towel ensures that it fits well into the compact & ultra slim paper towel dispenser. Great for busy cafes or restaurants.

The wall dispenser has an easy installation, and can create a clean and professional aesthetic in any commercial bathroom. It is often considered more hygenic than leaving hand towels stacked in the open. When the towels are inside the dispenser, they stay dry and out of the way.

This product uses 100% recycled paper in manufacturing. This is a great step forward, as it becomes apart of the circular economy. Recycling paper is far better for the environment as it reduces the need to cut down more trees. Many consider this a more sustainable use of materials. Recycled paper is great for many applications including packaging. For instance, it's particularly good when used to create napkins or hand towels such as these. These hand towels are ideal for commercial settings as they offer good absorption.

If these hand towels are collected, they can be easily composted after use. More and more businesses are making their own compost on site, which includes food scraps and other compostable packaging.


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