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Biodegradable Bamboo Wipes

We’re happy to announce that we now stock biodegradable, reusable and sustainable bamboo fibre cleaning wipes! These heavy duty wipes can tackle any of the usual problems that non-biodegradable wipes can, just without the environmental downside. Made from natural bamboo fibres, these highly absorbent wipes come in blue or green.

More and more day to day products are beginning to see exciting new entries into the the environmentally conscious market; so why should kitchen wipes be an exception? Transitioning to sustainable, and above all, biodegradable products is slow process, however the eco-packaging industry is making progress every single day.

Products such as these are a perfect reminder that alternatives are available, and choosing eco-friendly products is becoming more accessible than ever before!

Available as single rolls of 90 wipes, or in boxes of 6 rolls. Packaged with recyclable paper.

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