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SOS 12 Heavy duty large brown bag


Product Information

The Heavy Duty Paper Bags uses a thicker paper than other flat bottom bags. This makes it ideal for heavier groceries, or when you need a tough paper bag. The Heavy Duty Paper Bags are 100% compostable & recyclable. It's made from renewable sources making it superior to harmful plastic bags. Its great for groceries, bottles or baked goods. Due to the thickness, this bag can be suitable for foods with some moisture, however it will eventually seep through and soak the paper. Customer discretion is advised. This versatility and reliability is what gives this paper bag it's value.

Available in boxes of 500pcs and packs of 250pcs.


Dimension:H345mm, W178mm, gusset 112mm
Material(s):High quality virgin heavy paper
Suitable for:Heavier groceries, bottles or baked goods
Disposal:Compostable & recyclable
Country of Origin:China

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