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36L compostable bin liner

SKU: PSB-C-0353

Product Information

The green bin liner is ideal for private or commercial kitchens. Made from corn-starch, they are great for compost bins as they are biodegradable. Keep your conscience as clean as your kitchen with these eco-friendly bin liners. These compostable bin liners have many benefits over regular plastic. Firstly they have a much reduced impact on our delicate environment. Secondly, they require less energy to manufacture; just another benefit of switching to environmentally friendly packaging!

The 36L compostable bin liner is a great medium sized bag and will fit in small to medium sized bins. This gives these bags a degree of versatility which is always a plus. The green bin liner won't begin degrading until certain conditions are met; those conditions can be found in any compost! For more information about the benefits of composting, check out our article here.

Available in boxes of 12 rolls and packs of 1 roll, 25 bags/roll.


Dimension:65 x 56cm large
Suitable for:bin liner
Disposal:Home compostable
Certificate(s):Australian Standard AS5810 Home Compostable Certificate & AS4736 Industrial Compostable Certificate
Brand Name:Cardia

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