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No.2 bottle bag, pack of 500pcs

SKU: No2bottleM

Product Information

Australian made No. 2 bottle bag, 390x163x70mm gusset, pack of 500pcs

The No. 2 bottle bag is the slightly thinner variant of the No.3. It is most suited for holding bottles, due to its HWS (high wet strength) paper, making it reliable and sturdy. It is also still full compostable and biodegradable. Because the paper is sourced from forests that use sustainable and ethical forestry practices, you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t adding to a world that isn’t eco-friendly.

Suitable for commercial and private uses. Made in Australia.

- Dimensions: Length- 390mm, width- 163mm, depth- 70mm

- Materials: Made in Australia from high quality kraft paper

- Quantity: Available in packs of 500pcs

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